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Health and Safety Professionals know, Posters that remain static for longer than 8 weeks lose their effectiveness.

That is why Poster Faktory created our Poster Leasing Programme. Busy Employers who want to communicate safety in an upbeat, positive way without constant lectures and confrontations find the programme the perfect solution. The program is so easy to use and feature big, attention-getting posters designed to convince your employees that working safely is a top priority.

A stylish front loading aluminium frames is provided to display the posters in.

Poster Faktory have service and sales people in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA. and NZ. Sites in other areas can be serviced through our "Post Out" Program.


  • Messages are kept fresh and retain their impact.
  • You don't accumulate a pile of posters and have cash sitting on the shelf.
  • You can have posters designed for any specific issue at no cost if you are a member of the program and the Poster is able to be added to the catalogue for general use.

We have been in business since 1994,  so we have a lot of experience in supplying Health & Safety Posters to workplaces.  We appreciate the value of a good Health and Safety Program reinforced by highly visible quality posters.

Our customers receive a call from a representative to replace the posters 8 times a year.
Where we are unable to provide a personal service, we use a courier service. Just return the used posters to us in the tubes provided when the new posters arrive.

This is a fantastic service offering a highly visible way to communicate. Meetings, memos and emails can be efficient but large colourful posters are an effective reminder ... 24/7.

You can choose any poster(s) from our extensive online poster catalogue.

For regional and remote locations, frames and posters are sent directly to you with full installation instructions.

We are often asked a number of regularly Questions about our Poster Leasing Exchange programme

Contact your Area Representative for further information.

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