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Our safety posters work, because they send clear SAFETY messages. The full colour eye-catching designs focus on specific safety issues. All posters are exclusive to Poster Faktory, and are fully laminated for durability. Research has shown that people tend to remember 70 to 80 percent more of what they see than what they read. Safety posters are a powerful visual way for a company to instantly and directly communicate the important messages that help keep employees safe. Posters that use interesting or humorous images are particularly effective at grabbing employee attention.

Choose from our range of over 2000 exclusive posters. If we have not got want what you need - talk to us. We Design & Print Posters.

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Poster Exchange Programme

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Our customers receive a call from a representative to replace the posters 8 times a year........read more!


We work with our clients to produce posters.

To ensure you get the posters you need - talk to us!

A unique solution when you do not have the right situation for conventional posters!

Display frames are provided as part of the leasing service.

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